Qvotek | Innovation & Technology we bring

Qvotek | Innovation & Technology we bring

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Technological advancement like reproductive and regenerative medicine is transforming the global healthcare arena for human existence.

Such procedures comprise intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in addition to DNA injection, stem cell maneuvers and embryo biopsy.

While these procedures are common in modern medical spectra, their utilization calls for exceptional adherence to scientific protocols and expertise. Besides, the whole process requires high quality of customized equipment without which such medical application and research would not be possible. For that reason, Qvotek Reproductive Technology came into existence

The firm manufactures and distributes highly specialized medical micropipettes to aid ICSI, DNA injection, Stem Cell injection and other gamete or embryo micromanipulative applications

Since its inception, Qvotek Reproductive Technology (QRT) has grown to perfect the art of manufacturing specialized medical micropipettes. Imperatively, widely experienced scientists closely supervise the entire production process to ensure that QRT scientist adhere to highest standards of medical precision. In that manner, reproductive health scientist counterchecks all manufacturing detail to ascertain that QRT pipettes transcend international design principles.


A great customer experience! We are extremely satisfied with the Qvotek products. The quality of the analysis and results were outstanding
Prof Edward, UK

I am very pleased with the results and would recommend this product to anyone who is currently using ICSI and Holding pipettes.
Dr. R. Peter, KY, USA

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